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Decreased performance, boost/wastegate solenoid to blame?

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2017 with ~25k miles and I was getting on the freeway when it felt like the engine power was cutting in and out. ALmost like boost was fluttering (best way I can describe it). Got out of the throttle and it smoothed out, but immediatly got a CEL. Car was driving fine, so babied it the short drive home. Checked the CEL and it showed P0299 for low boost condition.

Cleared the CEL and went for a drive to see if it would come back. Couldnt recreate the event or the CEL, but the car is noticably slower to respond, seems like it takes much longer to build boost and power. Took it to the dealership to diagnois, and they said it was fine, measure peak boost at ~34psi so doesn't seem to be leaking.

Only had the car for about 8 months so still learning the mechanics, but from what I've learned is that boost/wastegate solenoid (seems like the same part goes by different names?) could be to blame.

Would it be possible that instead of the solenoid not allowing full boost, could it be reacting slowly? So it still allows full boost, as the dealership measured, but just taking twice as long? Also, any tips on how to replace it would be appreciated as well! Thanks!
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Also check your intake piping. I had blown my hot-side pipe off the turbo and it was doing that. It could be any of the piping between the turbo and intake manifold that has come loose, or as someone experienced a few months ago, the flexible parts could have torn.

EDIT: oops, nevermind... apparently I missed that 2nd paragraph.
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