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Hi, everyone!

I wanted to introduce our (very) long time friends up North, EuroSport Tuning.

If you're looking to unlock performance out of your Focus and want to get it done in one fell swoop, EuroSport has you covered--from sourcing AWE products to installing them.

EuroSport keeps various products from the AWE catalog in-stock, while also having full access to anything we offer. Meaning, if you want an AWE product or offering that they don't happen to already have on-hand, then they can obtain it, quickly!

Order AWE products for your Focus right here.

Contact EuroSport via the web here.

Phone: 905-825-9334

333 Wyecroft Rd Unit 5 & 6A
Oakville, Ontario L6K 2H2

Questions? I'm here!

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