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Enter today for a chance to win this 427 Cobra seen in the FORD v FERRARI movie

The Cobra Experience is offering you the opportunity to win this 2019 427 Superformance Cobra used in the filming of the movie, FORD v FERRARI. This 2019 427 Cobra comes with a confirmation of authenticity that will forever confirm how unique and special this car really is. This car was completed by the Cobra Performance team and owner Drew Serb. Cobra Performance Inc. is known for attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, commitment to both quality and authenticity, as well as being run by one of the few distinguished experts and builders of the Cobra world. Between its movie history and high finish build, this car is truly unique!

2019 427 Superformance Cobra Features
  • Paint: Indigo Blue with Wimbledon White LeMans Stripes
  • Engine: Roush 427 SR with 510 horsepower
    • “Road Race” Front Sump Oil Pan
    • 770 CMF Carb
    • Roush Aluminum Heads
    • Dual Plane intake manifold
    • Hydraulic Roller Cam
    • Comes with a 2 year/24,000 mile limited warranty
  • Transmission: Tremec TKO-600 - Donated by renowned Cobra restorer - David Wagner of Classic Motorsports
You will be automatically entered to win this special Cobra when you make a donation. Proceeds from this fundraising campaign will support and further the museum’s mission to promote, conserve, educate and preserve the cars produced by Shelby American. In addition, it will help us to expand and continually develop our program to educate the public and the next generation of automotive enthusiasts about the legacy of Carroll Shelby and these great cars.

Donations Made: $95,675

Minimum to Award Prizes: $130,000

Anyone have more info on: The Cobra Experience, Nonprofit Organization?


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More info about the event

  • Close Date: Jun 6, 2020

  • Close Time: 12:00pm PDT
  • Drawing Date: Jun 6, 2020

  • Drawing Time: 1:45pm PDT

  • Drawing Location:
    The Cobra Experience
    777 Arnold Drive
    Suite 200
    Martinez, CA 94553
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