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Why so many haters?

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Looking through the RS posts back at the ST forum and it seems like there are a lot of ST owners who are disappointed with the unveiling of the RS. It seems as if a lot of people were expecting a lot more from this car as far as looks are concerned. I honestly think they hit it perfectly and it keeps growing on me more and more. I would expect the community to be a little more supportive but hey, look at how quick the Seahawks fans turned their backs when the wrong play was called. I know it is very subjective but I think they had a choice between making it look like a beast or performing like one. I believe they made the right choice and went with the latter. Who out there is supportive or a nay-sayer?
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Same thing happened when the new Mustang came out.

Nothing new just in time people will change their minds about the RS.
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yup...the s197 people love to hate on the new s550...however I watch people break their necks looking at my car passing by lol.
Very true. These new platforms if given a second look have you wanting one more and more since they grow on you.
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