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Will Brembos carry the same warranty as Motorcraft on the FoRS?

Motorcraft brake and friction parts offer high value for Ford and Lincoln vehicles without compromising on quality. They all come with a Ford Motor Company-backed 2-year/unlimited-mile limited warranty* — with good reason. By providing an optimum balance of all safety and durability attributes, we create a high-quality alternative to aftermarket of parts. We also utilize proprietary friction formulations specific to each vehicle that include high-tech materials such as Kevlar®, ceramics and semi-metallic. Finally, replacement hardware and stainless steel clips are recommended by Ford Parts engineers.

More tips on pads, rotors, calipers and pins.

Brake Pads


• Check the condition of the brake pads.
• If too thin, missing chunks of material, or the backing plates are severely rusted, get a new set.
• Keep in mind that accelerated wear often indicates a guide pin issue.
• Never use a screwdriver to remove old brake pads.
• Avoid touching the friction surface.



• Start by packing those bearings with fresh grease.
• Make sure the wheel hub is clean. Dirt, mud and rust won’t allow the rotor to sit flush.
• Check the condition of your wheel studs. If you find pitting or other types of corrosion, replace them.
• Avoid touching the friction sides of the rotors.



• Check calipers and pins for leaks and poor lubrication.
• Look for damage to seals and piston corrosion or binding. A torn weather seal is likely if rust seizure is present.
• Leaking or damaged brake calipers should be replaced with new ones.
• Inspect the guide pins at the top of the housing. Remove stuck or rusted guide pins with a screwdriver and a few light hammer taps.
• Motorcraft replacement pins and boots are a cost-effective way to repair a frozen/binding condition and avoid the expense of complete caliper replacement.
• Clean damaged or corroded bore holes with a wire brush or rolled-up sandpaper.
• Eliminate any remaining debris with brake parts cleaner and compressed air.
• Assemble the caliper seals, boots and guide pins.
• Make certain the pins are clean before reassembling.
• Use plenty of recommended grease to lubricate the bores and guide pins to help prevent future issues.

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