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This is the thread for those unfamiliar with certain terms or phrases used with the FoRS platform.

Or it can be an area to ask about an acronym that you haven't been able to find in a Google search.

First acronym: FoRS is Focus RS

RS is Rally(e) Sport

Load it up people!
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AFR- Air fuel ratio

BDC- Botom dead center

TDC- Top dead center

RPM- Revolutions per minute

L/C- Launch control

MAF- Mass air flow

I/C- Inter cooler

VE- Volumetric efficiency

HP= Horsepower

TQ- Torque

WHP- Wheel horsepower

Hz- Hertz (per second)

LB/Min- Flow of air in lbs over 1 minute

Stoich- Stoichiometric ratio (Ex Gasoline 14.7:1 of air over fuel)

AWD- All wheel drive

MFT- My Ford touch infotainment system

KS- Knock sensor

Ign- Ignition

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No need to worry about the MFT since it has been mentioned the RS will gets S3 (Sync 3)

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CAI - Cold air intake

CBE - Cat Back Exhaust

DP - Down Pipe

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

FMIC - Front Mounted Inter Cooler

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

RMM - Rear Motor Mount

TBE - Turbo Back Exhaust

TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
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