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2016 focus RS with 48k miles. I drive average, not really hard on the car. Only a few launches.

I was driving on the freeway today and a few cars braked suddenly. I switched lanes, downshifted into 3rd and then full throttle to speed back up / pass. Car accelerated for a few seconds and the clutch slipped / revs climbed. I re - engaged the clutch, put it into second, back on throttle but had the same issue. Eventually the clutch engaged and everything was fine. After I got off the freeway the car drove around fine and I couldn’t replicated the issue. The bite point on the clutch is now further to the floor, but not by much. Clutch pedal doesn’t have a satisfying engagement anymore and it just feels like I’m pressing a brake pedal.

Is my clutch just wearing out? Maybe I didn’t fully release the clutch pedal? Definitely stank like clutch.

Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you for your help.
Your slave cylinder may be failing. If you feel anything different in the pedal, and in particular if it’s no longer smooth, it’s not the clutch but the actuation mechanism.

The problem is it’s so much work to replace the slave cylinder (about 8-10 hours) you better do the clutch while you are at it, in only adds perhaps 1/2h on top of the slave cylinder work alone.

It will not get better. The pedal will get crunchy and then go to the floor and you’ll be calling roadside assistance. Don’t ask me how I know:
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