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2016 focus RS with 48k miles. I drive average, not really hard on the car. Only a few launches.

I was driving on the freeway today and a few cars braked suddenly. I switched lanes, downshifted into 3rd and then full throttle to speed back up / pass. Car accelerated for a few seconds and the clutch slipped / revs climbed. I re - engaged the clutch, put it into second, back on throttle but had the same issue. Eventually the clutch engaged and everything was fine. After I got off the freeway the car drove around fine and I couldn’t replicated the issue. The bite point on the clutch is now further to the floor, but not by much. Clutch pedal doesn’t have a satisfying engagement anymore and it just feels like I’m pressing a brake pedal.

Is my clutch just wearing out? Maybe I didn’t fully release the clutch pedal? Definitely stank like clutch.

Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you for your help.
The RS has a self adjusting pressure plate. What you described can happen and not be an issue, although it’s pretty annoying/unnerving. If it happens again, fully depress the clutch pedal a couple times while in neutral and see if it resolves the issue.
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