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Decorate your desktop with TG's glorious shots of the 320bhp-plus, 4WD B-road supercar slayer

Posted: 17 Apr 2015

Essex's four-wheeled poster child is back. Yes, the third-generation Focus RS has landed, and it's not messing about.

But, for the first time, Ford's hottest hot hatch is four-wheel drive and even heading Stateside.

And predictably, it's chock-full of power. Ford won't reveal exactly how much, but we know it's ‘over 316bhp' thanks to a tuned version of 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder from the new Mustang. It could be quite a bit more.

In a move that makes TG deliriously happy, the new RS even includes a dedicated 'Drift Mode'. Yes, really. Ford says Drift Mode "features a specially developed calibration for the AWD system which modifies the torque distribution to help the driver achieve controlled oversteer drifts under circuit conditions". We cannot imagine any object that could not be improved with the addition of 'Drift Mode'.

The RS looks mighty, too. Sportifying a hatch with a steroidal stance, wider arches, deep dish diffusers and plonking a bing wing on the back has long been a recipe for success: the MkIII Focus RS is no different, and worthy of a closer look.

To make that possible, we've fed the pictures from our exclusive shoot with the new Focus RS into our magic wallpaperising machine. All you have to do to decorate your desktop is click the one that takes your fancy, download it and add it to your device's background. Easy.

Wallpapers: the new Focus RS - BBC Top Gear
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