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by Mihnea Radu, 14th May 2015

Volkswagen is a cool company to work for. Apparently, if you're an apprentice learning their trade, they let you stuff a Golf GTI with speakers and show it at the Worthersee.

They've done that for several years, and we can still remember the GTI Wolfsburg Edition from 2014. Today, the GTI Dark Shine concept has been shown during Europe's biggest VW-fest, and it's impressive. Highlights including more power and a two-tone paintjob.

The 2-liter TSI turbo engine has been modified, resulting in 395PS and 487Nm (359lb-ft) of torque. We're not sure the apprentices did any engine tuning themselves, but as long as more power is on offer, there's no reason to complain.

Other performance mods include a stainless steel exhaust system with enlarged tailpipe trims. We're most impressive with the interior, which is dressed in gray, neon yellow and carbon fiber leather (Golf R option).

The VW learners added yellow GTI logos on the backrests and yellow stitching provide the contrast. Both the wheel and the DSG gearbox's know are covered in black Alcantara, with the 12 o’clock marking, seams and spokes set off in R-yellow. New trim pieces were added throughout the car, and the boot was stuffed with woofers and speakers, just like the Worthersee crowd likes it.

On the outside, everybody will notice lowered suspension, wider fenders and a paintjob that combines Daytona Gray Metallic with yellow pearl. Overall, this project is not as impressive as the Golf W12, but not even the most hardcore GTI fans will dislike it. Any company that lets its apprentices tune cars deserves our respect.

Editor's note: VW won't tell you this, but the brakes are the coolest feature of the car. They installed the 8-piston fixed caliper setup from the RS Q3 at the front and the single-piston floating caliper from the RS6 at rear. After that, a bit of yellow paint and GTI logos were added.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Dark Shine Debuts at Worthersee 2015 - Photo Gallery - autoevolution
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