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Thank you I appreciate it! I'm thinking about trying the extended test drive yes. But also contemplating buying one. We are getting married end of April so i have a little bit of time. Decided I'd rather do a small cheaper wedding to try and get him his dream car. May I ask why you are selling yours?
My wife can't drive a manual transmission and doesn't love the bumpier ride of the RS. She said she would learn, but hasn't yet so I don't think it's ever going to happen. She has an older civic, and I work construction and get a new truck for 9 months a year while working, so we wanted to get rid of one of our cars for a year or so. Hopefully save up for a new electric car thats sporty, a little smoother ride, and maybe a little more room. A friend of mine has a AWD model 3 that I've driven a few times, and while not manual and no engine sounds it is definitely still fun to drive. So now I'm thinking about selling the RS, and Civic down the road and maybe try to get a model Y performance or maybe another electric vehicle. If you guys are under 6ft tall there should be enough room if the child seats are forward facing. While we had one of the car seats rear facing, it was definitely a little tighter but manageable. The car seat rear facing did touch the front seat, but not actually resting firmly against it which would be an "incorrect" install of a child seat. As you see on here, plenty of people have an RS and kids. It has absolutely no trouble in Rochester winters with snow tires on it too. If you guys want to check out my RS, to see how much room is in it, if it will work for your family, and go for a ride, just shoot me a PM and we can try to work out a time.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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