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he's the most experienced tuner on our ford ecu's. also very easy/friendly to work with. will explain details and answer other tuners may not have the patience to.
i've been running his tunes for 60k miles now. zero issues. just solid performance.
you will need a cobb access port and a laptop to transfer data through email. also a 1/2 mile smooth/flat open road.
Have you gotten you commission from Randy yet? I'm waiting for mine for a while now.


Kidding aside, Randy has the ST/RS platform in spades.
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Do you do custom tuning? And how does it work. I am still kind of new when it comes to tunes. Thank u
I do, yes. Feel free to message me if you need or want help regarding tuning. Or you can message me through my website or on social media, etc. You can find me pretty easily since I own the company and I am all over the Internet, in various forms, as mentioned.
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