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Ken shows us around his workplace, filled with a custom 845bhp Mustang, a modified Raptor and, um, a big bear

Posted: 28 May 2015

Standing next to his mud-splattered black Ford Raptor pickup, the snow-capped Utah mountains reflecting in his rainbow-lensed sunglasses, Ken Block, boss at Hoonigan Racing Division, Gymkhana star - and now Ford Focus RS drift co-ordinator - presses the mental rewind and starts to tell us how he got where he is today.

With most successful people, there is usually a long back story of hard times and harder work to get to the top. But not Ken. He just exploded, in his trademark style, onto the rallying scene in 2004 and has been raising his and everyone else's pulse ever since.

"I've been a fan of motor sports and rallies since I was a young kid," he says. "But I always thought it was just a European sport. Then, in 2004, Travis Pastrana did some rallies here in the States that got some press. That woke me up to the fact that rally actually existed here.

"I was the chief brand officer at DC [Shoes] at the time, and Travis was one of our athletes. So I called his agent and said, ‘Hey, I really want to go figure out how Travis did this. Do you know who was running the car and what school did he go to and all that sort of thing? I want to go race with him if possible.'

"So Travis's agent, who is now my agent, hooked me up with all that information, and I went out and did a school just for fun, just to try it out. Turns out I had some natural talent for it, so I went and started racing that next year." Ken saying he has some natural talent for rallying is like most of us saying we have a natural talent for breathing.

In 2005, he became Rookie of the Year and beat Travis in the process. But it wasn't the dirt rallying that propelled Ken into the world's consciousness. It was his tire-murdering Gymkhanas exploding all over the internet in 2006 that really caught the world's attention. How did that come about?

More at the link below:

TG steps inside Ken Block's office - BBC Top Gear
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