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Tips for the Turbo Banjo Bolt Leak

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My car does not leak from any other area but this damn place.
It was fixed last week, I drove it hard for 45 minutes in 5-6th gear at 5000-6000 rpm and some droplets started showing up.
When my mechanic drove it for 1 hour in the same way there were zero oil spots.

Having purchased a cool endoscope, I identified some marks in the banjo bolt area.
I took the car back to the dealership this morning.
The car was checked today for 3 hours for part alignment, for any area that might not seat properly.
They used cameras, they used light between parts, they looked around and could not see any other places where it might leak from.

The used a dye and identified that the only place the leak happens is that stupid bolt.
I have new tubes, new crushers, new seals whatever you want to call them.
They used copper, they used other materials, same result.
I am going to order a different tube from Goodridge or my brake tube manufacturer but in the meantime, I am curious of the following :

What is your secret to fixing this?
Did you get creative? If yes how?

I am so close to fixing this car ...

Everyone is puzzled.
The guys from my dealership, the guys from a second dealership, and the guys from the Factory.
Well they pretend to be puzzled.
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It appears that you and the service techs have done a thorough job of investigating and it boils down to the parts involved in the bolt to part connection.

FWIW I had a similar problem, but not identical. After 3 attempted repairs at 2 dealers, they finally concluded it was due to the wrong sealant used in the HG repair causing the problem. Replaced HG again and it fixed my problem.
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