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Nice mods and nice pics, but I have to ask about those traction boards.

I know this is a “rally car,” but with that ride height do you really think you’ll ever get to use them?
Thanks...hopefully I don’t have to

2 years back I went to Tahoe with my stock tires not knowing they barely had any tread left. Cabin was at the top of the hill and was very iced and got stuck. Luckily enough a buddy of mine had track mats and kitty litter both worked great!

Note to self: switch to all weather tires when going to the snow. Don’t assume it won’t snow heavy and being AWD can get you out lesson learned*

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Few pictures from the ice driving event I attended last saturday! Frozen white on a frozen white track!!

4.6km track…4 sessions…4 laps per session average…72km total on track 😁

Met a few guys I did the winter rally driving school with back in Jan.2020. One of them bought a rally prepped civic which was pretty cool! Most of the other participants drove Subarus of all trims and years!

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