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The Focus RS is Upon Us: Speed at Last. Speed at Last

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Thank God Almighty, speed at last!

The long rumored and heavily speculated Focus RS is finally coming, and it looks fantastic! Images of the new RS were leaked last night, and the official European reveal was over a little while ago, and man, this thing is going to light some underwear on fire. Thanks to a few members posting up with some compiled details, we have a little more precise image of what this new RS we can expect with this new car.

Here are some facts we have learned today. Individually these don’t seem that great but put all together they will make a great car.

AWD Confirmed with Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control
Car will be produced at Ford’s Saarlouis, Germany, manufacturing plant beginning late this year.

2.3ltr based of the mustang but revised for the car
Excess of 315 horsepower
Engine block with have high-tensile cast iron liners
RPM limit 6,800 rpm
Larger radiator
Larger intercooler
Larger twin-scroll turbo
Less restrictive intake
Larger bore exhaust
Electronically controlled exhaust valve
Auto Start-Stop as standard

6 speed only with short shifter
Upgrade trans internals and clutch
19” forged wheel with Pilot Super Sport standard and optional Pilot Sport Cup 2
two-mode switchable dampers

Will come in four colors. Nitrous Blue, Stealth Gray, Absolute Black and Frozen White.
Functional front brake ducts
Front bumper splitter
Larger rear wing
Functional rear diffuser
Rear fog light for Europe and Asia only

New leather Recaro seats

Sources are saying that the torque vectoring AWD tech that will be used in the new RS will allow the driver to send as much as 70% of the power to the back wheels, and it will be able to sprint up to 60 in under 5 seconds. That is some pretty serious performance coming out of the Mustang based engine. It seems as though Ford has really turned up the heat on the performance market. This year's auto show circuit has been coming up all blue oval between this RS, the Ford GT, and the new Raptor, Ford has been cleaning shop.

I will say that I was hoping for a little more aggression out of the front end, but I have only been looking at the pictures for a few minutes now, and perhaps this winged wonder will have some real presence in real life. All I know is that the hot hatch market just got blown wide open.

I have all of the leaked stills here: Focus RS Gallery

Sauce: Ford Focus RS 2015 revealed | Evo

Recorded Live Stream of the European Event:


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Those are some amazing specs! With AWD torque vectoring technology the new Focus RS is going to be a blast to tune :cool:
Hmmm that's a good idea for a poll question!
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