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The Autocross Thread

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Who plans to autocross their RS?
any bets on what class it will end up in? I hope it falls into BS for competition sake, but due to the limited availability of it, I wont be surprised if it gets buried in AS. Either way I plan to run it locally at Ft Devens and try to make a few national events. I realize its a ways off before this car will be driven in anger, but its never to soon to dream about it.

currently I like to dream about the tail getting a bit loose mid corner from a slightly hot entry and then instead of giving it up I get back down on the gas and power past the apex and exit the corner under nearly full boost.
the best part about this dream is that soon it will be a reality.
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https: youtube watch?v=jy59oqdSs1M

We don't have the big parking lots up here in Canada, so the courses are tighter.
2018 RS on 255/35r18 Toyo R888R
I came from a 2011 STI and am fairly new to my 2018 RS. In my STI the stock tire pressures were 32psi, and I usually ran about 28psi with RE71R. I'm running 18" R888R now (got them free) and was running about the same pressures in the RS (with the tire pressure warnings).

Should I be running closer to stock pressures with the RS and R888R? The very high stock pressures in the RS have me confused.
Nice job!

1.2s between first and second? Yikes.
Is this where we post our autocross videos?

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Is this at Exhibition Place?

It is. With covid happening, the convention parking lot is available.

This was last Sunday...

Ended first in class and 3rd overall FTD with 130 competitors.
Wicked im moving back to the city next year, hoping to get out for a few events. I was checking their site looks like you're stock plus. I think I would find myself in the mod class.
Nice. They will probably back at Mohawk Raceway next year. My car is stock except rims and tires.
Another event held at Exhibition Place in Toronto Ontario. It's right next to part of the NHL hub. They get to use BMO Field to work out.

3rd in class and 11th out of 130 competitors. I was leading class all day then got beat by a couple cars in last run (Cayman and Corvette).
2 year old, worn out RE71R (already been flipped) running 30PSI front and rear.

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How did you get brake pressure on the datalog? I just bought the bluetooth OBDlink but I don't see that option on the logger
It's on the CANBUS so you'll need something that can access that. I use a Racecapture device.
Made a trip up to Finger Lakes Region this weekend. They were rerunning the 2018 day 2 course. Ended up 3rd in PAX out of 90 drivers. 1st in DS

Very nice. I see you are running Solostorm? Any comments on why it's worth $200? I'm looking for someone to convince me to buy it.

Here's my latest run:
Latest run...
Back in the habit of getting my quickest runs early in the day. This is run 2. Thought I was doing well but couldn't get into the 56's. 3rd in class, 11th out of 120
Run1 61.5 with 1 cone
Run3 59.738 with 1 cone
Run4 60.277 with 1 cone
Run5 59.498 with 1 cone
2018 Focus RS on dead re71r's

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Last event of the season coming up for me. I'm hoping the RDU programmer shows up in time but I have a question.

My re71r are on their last legs with one tire almost starting to cord. They are also a few years old and have some track time on them.

Anyone think the 235 cup2's would be a better choice than worn out 255 re71r? I don't want to swap tires at the event so I won't be doing any testing.

What does everyone think?

Thanks for the input,
I'm not too worried about the cording. It's very small and I've moved it to the inside of a rear tire.
Are you asking in terms of what’s faster or because you’re concerned you’re gonna cord them? I would think even old beat up RE71s would be slightly faster unless it rains.
Looking for faster. Thanks.
Was more worried about age and wear causing them to be slower.
RDU programmer didn't arrive on time (UPS sucks) so still on stock settings for everything. I also used the 71R even though they had a very small amount of cord showing (its my last event).

Ended 2nd in class and 11th fastest out of 125 cars. 3rd in class for the year which I'm fairly happy with.

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@RedBaron80 Yeah, we don't have the big lots that you guys have in the states so we have to make do.

Always appreciate constructive comments! I'm not sure I agree with it though. ;) I think I have the steering wheel turned whenever I am starting to apply throttle. If I used more, I think I'd be understeering. If you can point me to a time stamp where you think I'm doing that, I'd appreciate it.
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Solid point, that would definitely show on a trace. A couple of our tools are good candidates for giving this a try. Though now this is starting to sound like work...

I'm reasonably certain I'm not lifting a wheel at the moment but more grip could easily change that.
Pretty certain you're probably lifting a tire if you're pushing hard enough.

Stock everything:

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I use that size with my nt01 with re71r. Haven't noticed any rubbing during autocross.

First autocross as Ontario opens up from lockdown.
Using A052 for the first time and getting used to the grip level and how hard to push. A disappointing 4th in class with best run having 2sec cone penalty.
2nd place FTD behind a Cayman on our tight course.

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