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The Autocross Thread

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Who plans to autocross their RS?
any bets on what class it will end up in? I hope it falls into BS for competition sake, but due to the limited availability of it, I wont be surprised if it gets buried in AS. Either way I plan to run it locally at Ft Devens and try to make a few national events. I realize its a ways off before this car will be driven in anger, but its never to soon to dream about it.

currently I like to dream about the tail getting a bit loose mid corner from a slightly hot entry and then instead of giving it up I get back down on the gas and power past the apex and exit the corner under nearly full boost.
the best part about this dream is that soon it will be a reality.
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Well, I'm disappointed. I had an operator malfunction of my GoPro (had it set to still mode), so all I got was a bunch of still shots of RedBaron80's car instead of awesome video. Anyway, RS's kicked butt today, with him and I first and 2nd in class and 3rd and 6th overall in PAX out of 120. It was a fun, hang it out kind of a day today, with us both discovering that a loose, tail-happy fling through the course resulted in the best times. What felt like my worst, sloppiest runs were faster than when I tried to smooth it out.

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4th in class today was a former national champion, Mark Allen, in a new LE but still on Sport Cup 2 tires. Those technically aren't legal for the class since they have a 180 treadwear rating, but none of us complained since they were the OEM rubber and obviously slower. He'll be right up with us once he gets tires for it.
The OEM tires are legal for locals. But yes. Without proper tires and time to learn the car you won’t be top. (I let Caitlin take my car out for two runs and she was 1.7 back from my time. )

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What are you guys running for tires? What kind of cold and hot pressures have you had the most luck with?
small garden sprayer with water to spray to IC down then some air movement helps to bring down temps. even a light spray under the hood on the intake pipe can help a little
For those of you running 255/35r18 RE71Rs on stock width rim what did you guys or the shop do to get the bead to seat? I had two shops locally give up today and couldnt get the bead to seat. I know they say you should have an 8.5 wide wheel but I've seen evidence in this thread of guys doing it so it must be possible.
Registration for Nats opened yesterday, I see a couple more RS's in DS. Whose all going? I've got another local guy going in a TT in DS who is really fast, should be a good time.
I think the Fridge is retiring from autoX. I’ll be throwing up the 18x8 OZs with pretty fresh 265/35 Yokos up for sale here soon. Looking around $1500.

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That is sad to see but if you have something else thats more fun and competitive then go for it. Whats the weight on those OZs? I already have three sets of wheels but whats a fourth going to hurt? I have wanted to try the Yokos but everyone says they wear so fast and my wife drives with me so they wouldn't last long.
The set I run now work pretty good but are closer to 19.5 lbs each. Hopefully who ever bought them uses them to their potential. How did you like the Yokos?
I took a set of 265 RT660s in when I had my 255 RE71Rs mounted and they are so much wider the tire guy looked at me and said no way. I'm sure with enough time and patience you could get them but will it even be worth it?
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truthfully 245s from most manufacturers seems to be a sweet spot with an 8" wide rim. Even with 255s I got a lot of sidewall flex with RE71s and if the RT660s are softer as most say I would be worried. I will probably mount a set of 255 RT660s though once the REs burn up so I can get as much surface as possible. Have to do everything we can to keep up with the CTRs.
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I’ve been very pleased with my 255 660s. I run almost exclusively on old concrete and haven’t seen any roll-up on the sidewalls running 38#/34#. Wear has been really good.
I've been running 42 front, 38 rear. What height sidewall on your 255s? 35 or 40? The 255/35-18 drops height by 4mm or so.
Glad you guys brought up pressures as talking with locals who switched to the 660s they all seem to be running higher pressures than with the REs. On the surfaces we run around here I found low 30s (31-34 psi) to be the sweet spot for RE's. Are you all running higher pressures with the 660s vs REs?
Wondering how hard is it to fit. I was having a hard time finding a tire guy to put 255 RT660 in 8" rims last season
I went to 5 local tire shops before finding a more racing oriented shop that mounts tires and they easily did it for me. Ask some of the guys you race with as someone knows someone if nothing else.
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Man, thats a lot of reading you did there. I just dug through a couple of those links and remember so of it. The part about the Schroth harnesses is a great one, probably the single biggest difference for me besides tires.
It would be cool to have dedicated STU and DS/BS threads. Especially since I run in STU.
The STU specific autocross thread would be a good idea, most everything in here is DS related at this point. I am thinking about going to STU next year but we will see what this year brings first.
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Yeah, I suppose I went the non-traditional autocrosser route. I modded my RS to my liking first, and then I got into autocross. My wheels alone knock me out of the Street category.
Not sure what region you race in or how competitive it is but how do you fair in STU? Some people that know the RS said to skip STU and go to ASP instead. Did you get a tune to help with power in 1st and 2nd specifically or just a tune for more power in general?
Does anyone have any direct experience with the two? I know the minimum recommended rim width for the 255 tire is 8.5"

I expect a bunch more vagueness due to increased sidewall movement, or am I mistaken?
I run a 255 on an 8" wide rim as do most everybody else running in street class. I forgot the 18s are stuck in BS instead of DS like the 16 and 17s. I've mostly run RE71s and because they have such a stiff sidewall the roll over isn't too bad until the tires are fairly well used. The new REs should be out now or go with the RT660s for our camber limited setups.
I used to run 255 RE71's on an 8" wheel at 26psi... I think I'm in MOD now tough. running 295 Yoko's on a 9.5"
What are your wheel pecs to run 295s and get them to fit? I'd love to see some pics of your setup too :cool::cool:
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I really like the multi camera setup you have going.
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