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The Autocross Thread

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Who plans to autocross their RS?
any bets on what class it will end up in? I hope it falls into BS for competition sake, but due to the limited availability of it, I wont be surprised if it gets buried in AS. Either way I plan to run it locally at Ft Devens and try to make a few national events. I realize its a ways off before this car will be driven in anger, but its never to soon to dream about it.

currently I like to dream about the tail getting a bit loose mid corner from a slightly hot entry and then instead of giving it up I get back down on the gas and power past the apex and exit the corner under nearly full boost.
the best part about this dream is that soon it will be a reality.
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Does anyone have a set of 265 or 255 RE71's unmounted right now and a postage scale? I'm just wondering what the weight is compared to what the TireRack has listed.
f' it. Signed up for the Pittsburgh Match Tour. So far it's spec RS & S2k class, haha
There's no way I can go, its my daughters birthday. I guess I'll see you in NJ?
I'm ordering RE71's monday... still up in the air over size... 255's or 265's
At the Pro? I'm signed up. I'll be missing the NNJR event the weekend of the Match Tour (obviously)
Yep the Pro. It should be my 4th event in the RS. I hope I have everything set up by then... lol
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If you're running B Street, please go submit a letter regarding 13.9.I (#21519) in the above Fastrack so we can run exhausts that are 100% legal. Currently the rules are quite vague on this, 13.10.C allows for freedom on the exhaust behind the cat, but does not state any legality on valves. I doubt anybody would protest it due to the exhaust freedom rule, but you never know...

Submit a letter here:
Hmmm... I'll right a letter this weekend. My assumption, based on the rules as they are written now, is that since it is part of the exhaust, and is behind the cat and only functions as part of the exhaust that it is able to be replaced... Including the connector.
It looks like the objection is that thinking there is a sensor or electronic devise after the cat that somehow it is not part of the exhaust.
The way I look at it is the cat back including the valve and the wiring to the valve are all part of the cat back section of the exhaust as they serve no other function. Removal or modification of a stock valve as well as adding a valve that was not on the car originally should be currently allowed.
I'll be installing a T306 MBRP exhaust once they make it for me. I'll be super pissed if someone protests that valve delete plug at the Pro nat...
Oh, and this Sunday will be my first event in the RS... going to it dead stock. :( I havent had time to install the Whiteline front bar and the RE71's wont show up until the second week in April. At least I'll have a decent baseline. ;P
Yeah, I'm doing the Match Tour next weekend in Pittsburgh and don't want to be hassled... I bought the Vivid Racing valve simulator (it's a mechanical simulator that still uses the OEM motor, so it's more legal) and I'll bolt that on if anybody *****es about the Grimmspeed part.

Have fun at the event! How far from Philly are you? There's no more NNJR events until the Pro (after the 30th) so I'll likely not meet you until the Pro!
My twin girls birthday is the Sunday of the Match Tour otherwise I would have already signed up. I have to drive there occasionally anyway for work. I'm technically on call for Pittsburgh this weekend :p
But, if you have no valve anymore that wire is not longer part of the exhaust and there is no allowance to add a default device (that was never part of the exhaust either) that tricks the system into thinking that the valve is still in place and functioning. At national events some people can get very "legal" like in there understanding of the rules and rule one (if not explicitly allowed it is disallowed) would apply to them. I guess you could just weld the mount for the defeat device to the exhaust pipe and then it would be part of the exhaust...
I disagree... the just because it is disconnected from the valve doesn't stop the wiring from being part of the exhaust, as it was in the first place anyway. Adding the simulator to the end of the plug is the same as adding a different tip to the cat back. It remains part of the cat back weather it is disconnected or cut... in fact you should be able to cut the wires anywhere in back of the cat and put the simulator there. It is part of the exhaust.
I'll just add to the RS win parade....well, not exactly but: I came in 5th overall and .8sec behind first. 1st place was a national prepped s2k with a hotshoe driver, my RS was dead stock with half a tank of gas.

I'm pretty happy with the results! I'll cobble together a video later this week.
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I got the Leggeras... I had 2 sets of Ultraleggeras for my ST after all.
DW what cheat were you using to get 101% throttle? Why only 101%, I know all the sports guys on tv always give it 110%. :wink:
It went up to 106% for a second!
I pieced together a video using the trial version of Filmora... (watermark) ... from my first autox in the RS.

Not my fastest run, just wanted to try out the editor.
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I'll take a look at mine later to see if there was rubbing.
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Sorry, I've been too busy all week to post. Had a great time in NJ, it was nice to finally meet DocWalt and Donour. Hopefully I'll get into the Toledo Pro (still on the wait list).

Here's the unedited external video from Saturday evening:


And for your entertainment... How not to launch. :p
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Wrapped up my class and Pax on my second run this weekend! Parked the car after 4 and drove everything else in the afternoon.

Pax Time Results
What class is OBS? I can't figure out what the "O" is???
Here is my 360 dashcam footage of the NJ Prosolo. The first 4 launches are against an SS Porsche!

Watch it on your phone somewhere you can move around and look like an idiot... it kinda sucks trying to watch on a PC.

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I haven't done an SCCA event in a while, maybe I'll do a local in a few weeks. I have no idea what class I'm going to be in since I started modifying the car??? SM or XS??? AM?? lol! I'll have to do some research.

I'll post a recent vid after I download them from my dash cam.

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Does taking out the foam pad and the rear sub takes you outta Street Class at the national?

Planning to go to Lincoln, but I took off the pad and the sub for more hatch space. Been running like this at local and 1 Champ Tour.
Not just the radio, It's held in with a screw so you cant take it out. To my knowledge the only thing that can be screwed down that you can remove is the spare tire.
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