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I had a similar thread of overkill paint work previously here--

8 months and 8400 miles later, the front paint has taken some significant chip damage... but it doesn't mean I can't make all the other paint around them look fantastic enough to not notice!

The goal of "summer prep" for a northern California resident is to buff out the swirls and scratches, seal the **** out of it, and then get a nice layer of wax on top ASAP. Once this is all done, the lack of rain in this area basically means that I won't have to do anything more than a quick touchless drive-through wash for most or all of the season.
Each day I can get home & pull into the garage and just wipe off all the pollen and dust with a microfiber and spot polish anything worse.

I spent 26 years living in Chicago, 10 of them driving... so I understand some of the weather-envy when I talk about the luxury I have now!

I always detail with my buddy and his FiST. For this year's prep, we used our version 4.0 method...

1.) Sensual hand wash with dish soap (strip it all off!)
2.) Clay [Meguiar's clay kit ( )]
3.) Cut [PC 7424XP Polisher ( )]
3a.) Focus RS used - [Mequiar's M9 Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2.0 ( )]
3b.) Fiesta ST used - [Mequiar's DMCKIT5 kit cutting compound ( )]
4.) Finish [Same polisher] [Both used Mequiar's DMCKIT5 finishing compound from kit above]
5.) Seal [ Jet Seal ( )]
6.) Wax [ Zymol Carbon ( )]

Getting to step 5 took us from about 9:00am-10:00pm; including 26 beers, other California-legal substances, and two taco breaks.
Sunday I spent another 2 hours in the garage and have waxed the front/rear but have 7 panels left (roof, doors, rear quarters) plus my aero. I also managed to clean the tires & shine (matte)

At this point I'm in the office and have 7 panels to do when I get home tonight, but I took some photos of our progress along the way and some results photos for the panels I have finished.

I would highly recommend this procedure as my well-baked 4.0 prep. Completely worth the time investment to have a low-maintenance quarter ahead of you.

First photo of the day... right after spending 2 hours with clay on every square inch of the paint & then a full hand buff

Jet Seal applied... waiting to dry!

Buddy buffing off his Jet Seal while mine was drying...

Side shot after buffing off all the Jet Seal



POST-WAX SAX - front end

**** I will not be able to fix on my front bumper... (COVER YOUR BLOODY EYES)




Can post more sex later... I'm considering taking a cruise tonight when the wax is 100% done and maybe getting some night shots somewhere.

Next steps overall:
1.) Finish wax
2.) Glass (8 panels)
3.) Plastics & rubbers (back to black)
4.) Wheels

I'm waiting for our group order of the jacking rails from Cooltech to get mfg and shipped and use that opportunity to take my wheels off to give them the same treatment as the paint. :)

Happy to answer questions

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Black really does look nice when it clean, 2 :thumbsup::thumbsup: Only problem I had with my last back vehicle (2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4) is it was dirty in 30 seconds :topsy_turvy:

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I did a wash, clay, wax on my SB and its cathartic. Wasn't equipped to polish but the factory paint could use it. It still looks bonkers with the lower effort I put in here!
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