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In two days, two feet of snow will fall on my place of residence. I will be out in my weedy little rear-drive car, making the most of it. But driving in the winter isn’t always a powerslider’s paradise.

That same weedy little rear-driver of mine (pictured above) also does not have a heater. I once took a short road trip in it in the dead of winter with the windows down, given that it has no defroster and the windshield would fog up otherwise.

I later checked how cold it was inside the car accounting for the highway-speed windchill factor. Apparently it was cold enough to kill me in half an hour of driving.

It had been a two hour drive.

Clearly, I am dead.

(I was actually just really cold, wearing two coats, two pairs of gloves, and a balaclava while behind the wheel.)

That might be my worst experience with winter driving. What was yours?

Tell Us Your Worst Story Of Winter Driving

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I was coming back to college from a lengthy Christmas break. I had my car loaded with all of my gifts and school things and pieces of furniture that I was transporting. It had just started to snow when a car decided that it didn't want to be sitting in the emergency lane anymore and pulled in front of me. My car bounced between the guard rails a few times before coming to a stop. A woman in a Suburban or Tahoe had seen what happened and stopped a little down the highway. She pulled me out of the car and gave me her scarf to stop the bleeding from the wonderful gash that I had received when my head had slammed into my A pillar after the airbags failed to deploy. I declined an ambulance because I couldn't afford one, begged the police to give me a ride to literally anywhere that wasn't the highway so that someone could come pick me up, and then waited for 90 minutes in a McDonalds dining room for my boyfriend to pick me up. I wasn't given the option to bring anything with me in the police interceptor so I was left without clothes to replace my bloody ones until two days later when the tow yard finally opened again. It got down to -19F that day. And then I missed a few days of class because I no longer had a way to get to college.

The ****storm continued for two months of winter weather. That was January 6th. February 8th I drove 9 hours from Terre Haute, IN to Storm Lake, IA to pick up my new car, arriving there 7 hours late due to a delay at Enterprise. My new Talon had straight pipes, maximum performance summer tires, no attempted alignment after the lowering springs, and a botched engine swap that meant that the whole electrical system would shut down and I had to completely remove the key and restart the car before I could continue. Also, while I was filling out paperwork in Storm Lake, a winter storm passed by. The temperature dropped well below freezing and the wet roads turned to ice. The lorries were only able to maintain 40 on the highways and we couldn't keep up with them. Having left Iowa after dinner, we hadn't even made it to the Indiana border after 14 hours of driving so my boyfriend and I stopped at a truck stop and huddled together in the backseat straddling a snow shovel. We fell asleep as the sun came up the next day. We made it back around noon that Sunday looking like a disaster and smelling like the lemon air fresheners that the dealer had hidden everywhere to try to mask the otherwise overwhelming exhaust smell in the car.

That whole winter was messed up.
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