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Hello RS'ers!

Just purchased a new to me 2017 RS2 in Stealth Grey. Once it is shipped, I'll be out ripping the hills in Northern California (Central Valley & Bay Area).

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.


Fun little story about the RS I bought..

I flew out to North Carolina to purchase a NB RS, after having already left a small deposit, I assumed the car would be waiting for me. Turns out, some dealerships don't have any ethics (surprise, surprise!), and they sold the car to someone else who had cash in hand and refunded my deposit. Shame..

Fortunately!, another RS2 with similar miles popped up online less than 50 miles away, so I went to take a look at the one that I ended up buying. I was determined to leave the east coast with an RS! (But I sure wasn't going to let the dealer that sold it to me know that.. ;] )

The car I bought had some serious damage to the interior from, what must have been a CHUNGUS of a dog. The dog had practically chewed off the hand brake, along with most of the hard plastic paneling in the trunk. They had only taken delivery of the car that day, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt for not having fixed this yet.

Sure enough, they had the car repaired within 3 hours (replaced all the damaged parts), and I was off on a test drive shortly after!

I had previously been sold on the NB color, but the Stealth Grey really won me over with the black forged rims. Really makes the calipers pop more-so, IMO. (wait...which is it... grey? or gray?)

I was able to talk them down quite a bit on the price due to the damage, and ended up paying quite a bit less than I'd planned to when walking in. Woo!

Now I'm just waiting with baited breath for the beauty to be shipped out here to CA.

Anyone in NorCal have any recommendations for groups to meet up with?

Much love,
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