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What a journey 😅😂 Lets not talk about the past!

My 2016 RS 15,000 miles now has the 2.5L engine from SP3 and if you want to learn about that engine, you can read about it here. Nishan, Jorge and everyone at the company has been great! 5 Stars. I was originally going to get the 2.3L engine but as I browsed the site I found the 2.5 and then I ended up upgrading to that. Also the folks at XDI have been great too.

What sucks is that I do not have E85 around here. It is not as easily accessible as in the United States so my power level will be lower that what i would otherwise be able to achieve. I am limited by pump gas 91 and WMI. So the engine may be considered overkill but oh well it runs and runs nicely.

  • Compression 10:1
  • Sleeved 2L Block
  • Custom Mahle 2618 Pistons 89mm
  • Custom Manley I - BEAMS
  • SP63 625+ Custom 10mm Age Head Studs
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ACL Tri-Metal Rod Bearings
  • ACL Tri-Metal Main Bearings
  • Modified crank w/ Teardrop-shaped cavity
  • Keyed Crank, Timing Gear & Crank Pulley
  • Balance shaft delete Kit
  • Heat Treated In. & Ex. VVT
  • Custom BP285 Piper Cams with Manley 85lbs Valve Springs
  • O ringed cylinder head.

XDI EVO pump : At 200bar of pressure, the EVO pump flows 12% more than the XDI35 and 41% more at 240bar pressure.

XDI injectors : 50% more flow than OEM XDI-i010-50-4

Fuel Injector Technical Data:
  • 50% more flow than OEM
  • OEM 122lb/hr @ 100bar
  • 23g/sec at 100bar, 32.4g/sec at 200bar
  • 2000cc/min at 100bar, 2880cc/min at 200bar
  • 179lb/hr at 100bar, 253lb/hr at 200bar
  • Stable at 200bar even with OEM driver settings, completely linear flow

Quality Control:
  • Every injector flow tested on XDI proprietary DI test bench at
  • 0.8msec/20bar for idle stability
  • 10msec/100bar for static flow reference
  • 6msec/200bar for WOT performance
  • Every set high pressure matched within 1%
  • Every injector type validated for identical SOI and EOI via XDI proprietary injection rate measurement

Other Parts installed:
  • ETS filter and intake
  • ETS Intercooler and Charge pipes
  • Miltek Catless Downpipe Wrapped with Titanium wrap
  • NX2 Turbo with the PTP Turbo Blanket
  • Mountune 3" catback with no valve - V2X
  • Aquiamist Methanol kit
  • OMNI-Power 4 Bar sensor at the intercooler and intake manifold
  • Turbosmart twin port Wastegate [TS-0681-6142]
  • Turbosmart BOV but not vent to atm
  • Xtreme twindisk Clutch
  • LSD Quaife diff
  • Upgraded synchros and steel cage bearings
  • DSC contollor
  • Upr catch can, 100psi checkvalve

The install went smooth,

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I ran into the issue with the turbo manifold not mating well to the due to a bolt that was disturbing and found a thread about it and did the same and now it is happily seated. The thread is over here. Got some pictures added to it. Came out well.

I then installed the transmission and realized i did not see the centering guides on the block and also realized it was missing for the starter too so i had some fabricated. So i removed the transmission and sorted that out and installed the guides.

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Engine was then dropped in with PTU and transmission bolted to it. I also put on the PTP turbo blanket and wrapped the downpipe with titanium wrap from autozone. Now that the car runs and no weird noises like the Esslinger Engineering engine, it is noticeably cooler under the hood too. I was impressed with heat reduction and more impressed as that means less hot air gets sucked in to the engine.

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I then added the Wire harness and connected everything. Oh, first i wrapped the wire harness with tesla tape 51036. That was some awesome tape made for wire harnesses. Awesome stuff. then I bled the brakes and clutch using the pressure pump and used MOTUL RBF 700 fluid. Used the Orion Motor Tech Brake Pressure Bleeder, they also sell a cap with a 90 degree bend as it would otherwise not fit unless you remove wiper etc. It was super easy to use...

I then had to install the XDI pump and the issue here is the hard tube. I had updated another thread and added pictures their. It turned out great, just need to be patient. I used a new tube and practiced on the old one first lol. Here is the thread.

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While at it i also added the radium catch can drain so i don't have to remove the can every time like before as it is in a tight spot between the battery and the hpfp. Cleaned and oiled air filter, changed the radium fuel filter, added 21oz of AC refrigerant. Also all bolts I torqued to spec and marked them for visual check later if needed.

In February i will need to get a new set of Michelin PS4 tires. Mine have good thread but having been out of service so long and little use they have cracks in rubber but not sidewall. Either way, deserves new tires and i will feel safer when we start tuning.

Also ordered Mishimoto MMODP-12175BBK magnetic oil plug just because i felt like it 😂 and waiting for the dsc controller that a member here sold me and shipped it. Entered customs oops. Was hoping it does not but oh well, we will see what they tell me.

I put the 10-40 Motul Break in oil and had to have it imported as they do not sell it down here I searched and even emailed MOTUL in Mexico and no go. I ran the cams for around 25 minutes between 2,200 rpm to 3,000 rpm to break them in. Now i am in the process of doing the engine break in. Every builder has their way, speed performance have it 1500 miles before tuning and WOT so I will get the miles as fast as i can lol. The first 50 miles i guess are the most important so i did my best accelerating up the gears to 3500 rpm and then engine braking and repeating the process.

Runs good, and i cant wait to red line it when it is time just to hear the sound lol.

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Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

that is where i left the radium catch can drain. Easy access.

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Just a pic of my xtreme clutch, looks so pretty lol. I am used to driving with it. I dont feel it is harsh engaging. I think it depends on the idle rpm.

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I had the bumper repainted, it is not yet polished. Not sure about the color match though. Will see once it is polished. Worst case, i have it redone. It is a pain though as everything on the front has to be removed like the mesh, fog light etc. The clips suck to remove and the plastic is fragile and i guess has limited time of removed and reinstalls.

I am amazed i was able to put it all back together after so many months with parts all around the house, garden and inside the car. I pretty much know it all with eyes shut lol. The shops owner and his assistant gave me a hand when needed. Some things definitely require more than one person to do safely. Like hoisting the engine back into the car. Coordinated work.

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I currently have my catch can vented in the same location. Not sure if the performance of the catch can without vacuum. Have considered tapping catch can into exhaust after catalytic converter to help vent the engine crankcase, etc.

That’s the drain for the catch can.

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Been lurking around waiting to see what one of these 2.5l engines make on pump fuel. I'm on my 2nd Focus ST and looking to buy an RS sometime this year and do one of these 2.5l engines if they really do make the power claimed on pump fuel. Awesome build by the way!

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Looks like a really nice build! (y) Is that your garage, or the shop's? Wish I had access to that lift! :love:
I wish lol, it's a friends shop. We take company vehicles to service with him. One of the cleanest and most equipped shops in town. All the good stuff is uppstairs, he buys tools like gadgets. Eventually they come in handy.

I bought this on Amazon

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I will need to do the ford misfire monitor neutral profile correction procedure. No ford dealer around and FORSCAN has added it apparently in the latest release.

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I got this today

Peripheral Audio equipment Gadget Font Packaging and labeling

and installed the forscan on windows. has some nice features I will run. Like calibrate wipers.

I am not exactly sure what paid version does but for now I did the ford misfire monitor neutral profile correction procedure and saved my self a visit to the dealer.

Font Parallel Paper Paper product Document

Water Wood Slope Body of water Grey

It asks you to rev to 3500 + like 3 times in total.

Font Water Pattern Circle Symmetry

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I got this today

View attachment 357953

and installed the forscan on windows. has some nice features I will run. Like calibrate wipers.

I am not exactly sure what paid version does but for now I did the ford misfire monitor neutral profile correction procedure and saved my self a visit to the dealer.

View attachment 357954

View attachment 357956

It asks you to rev to 3500 + like 3 times in total.

View attachment 357957
Wish i had known this was doable on Forscan! i just never did it and hoped for the best!

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I installed the dsc controller today

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You would think such a device would not make such an impact but let me tell you, the difference is very noticable and it is now so much more confortable.

perhaps more noticeable due to mexican roads not being so smooth.


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