A. Item for sale:

I'm selling a full set of Wet Okole custom-ordered Focus RS seat covers, designed for the RS2 Recaro seats (the heated seats, not the shell seats). They're black neoprene, with full piping in blue. They also have the RS logo added to the fronts of the two front covers where the existing RS logo is located on the original seatbacks and zippered storage pouches on the rear of the front covers.

B. Condition:

These seat covers are used, but only 1 year and 3 months old. They are clean and thanks to COVID and working from home, saw very little actual use during the course of that time, with essentially no wear and tear as a result. They are in excellent condition which I would categorize as near-new. It should also be noted that these were used in a car in which no food, drinks, pets, or smoking was EVER allowed.

I've included pictures showing the seat covers when they were installed on my car right before I removed them in preparation for selling the car, as well as pictures showing them immediately after I removed them in order to offer them up for sale here.

C. Price:

For reference, I paid $735 for these seat covers when I ordered them from Wet Okole. I'm asking $250 just as a starting point; I'm willing to negotiate on the price, so don't be afraid to make an offer.

D. Location of item:

I'm located in Memphis, TN, and will cover the cost of shipping the seat covers via FedEx to whoever buys them, assuming the cost of shipping to the buyer's location is less than the price the buyer agrees to pay for the seat covers.

E. Pictures of item:

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If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.