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lmmfao....why are you suffering dump that Biatchhh..if its such a pain?...I daily but only have 70K+, I was getting bored with my commute 43 miles each way and decided to use track woke the little Biatchhh up and I'm enjoying the drive again, is it Lexus smooth no, but its not a Lexus ...Issues: head gasket (duh) and associated stuff, oil leak, she farts on occasions....thats it so far...And I beat the snout out of it...So if its ever listed for sale..its been beat on and driven in the rain, snow and sleet...I would buy it again in a Heart Beat...jmho
haha my RS might be the worst one ever made but, I haven't had to pay for any of the problems. that's why I've kept it. I still have 10k left on my warranty.
With the cost of cars It's cheaper to send it to mountune for a brand new engine and tranny build.
Spark plugs fixed the misfires and I'm in love with the car again.
Android auto was broken due to the head unit, new head unit fixed that and now I'm living life like I bought a brand new car.

Keeping it on topic, do your due diligence before you buy. Make sure the car has been properly serviced even if ford techs have had a terrible time with my car, maybe outside of new england they are better.

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Just a quick note...a lot of accidents happen to people when they first get their licence, yours might be 15 years but it's 17 in Australia then p plates for a year. Same goes for first car. Why not get a miata or something cheaper to repair, maybe Fwd as awd technique closer to Fwd, and aim to have the RS as second car after a few years. Join a car club too, my club even has club cars you can use to build experience. BTW Insurance is mad in Australia and you might not even get it here.

Good luck whatever you do.

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If you can afford to wreck it, go for it. For a first car, I'd recommend something underpowered and SAFE; Miata or a BRZ.
My first car was an RS, I loaded around 20k miles into it over the span of 12 months and one new engine. If you check the crashed thread, you'll be able to see it. The RS has quite a bit of power which, obviously, makes it easier to get into a rather serious accident!
I'm still here today thanks to the superb safety engineering. It's an amazing car, but be careful.

An AWD system like the RS' is EXTREMELY confidence inspiring.
My new car has no assists whatsoever, it sure as hell showed me just how "good" of a driver I am.

All of that being said, no car will save you from stupid. Be safe, and get your speed itch out at the track/autoX
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