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Sad day

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Said goodbye to my RS today. New owner drove it away. Two RS's and 7 years of ownership, learnings and enjoyment. This one had only done 6200klms and had never been driven in the rain, ever. My wife and I enjoyed Sunny day drives around the winery regions in it here in Victoria. Didn't think it would be such an emotional experience for me. I must be getting too old, lol. I'll lurk around here annoy people still. I've gotten used to the place.

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I feel you. After I sold my Fiesta ST I tried to keep track of the car for when I had the space and money to have it along side the RS. I saw it pop up on Mountune's website of all places (there is a small chip on the right rear fender I could see in the photo). I lost track of it a while ago which was a bummer.

There's always more to life, though.
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