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Sad day

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Said goodbye to my RS today. New owner drove it away. Two RS's and 7 years of ownership, learnings and enjoyment. This one had only done 6200klms and had never been driven in the rain, ever. My wife and I enjoyed Sunny day drives around the winery regions in it here in Victoria. Didn't think it would be such an emotional experience for me. I must be getting too old, lol. I'll lurk around here annoy people still. I've gotten used to the place.

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I'm also thinking hard of selling the ol' blue rocket.. the stiff ride, not so comfy seats, multiple rattles, econo car interior and it's getting undersized for my girls (they're tall like their Dad) are all making me look hard at a Kia Stinger or Lexus IS 350 (which is super reliable but not near as fast). I would definitely miss the manual. Not top many twisty roads where I live either so a GT car would seem to fit the bill better.... such a hard decision! The RS is such a special car. Hard choice coming up, especially with so many great cars disappearing now forever due to Government mandates, sucks.
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