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Sad day

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Said goodbye to my RS today. New owner drove it away. Two RS's and 7 years of ownership, learnings and enjoyment. This one had only done 6200klms and had never been driven in the rain, ever. My wife and I enjoyed Sunny day drives around the winery regions in it here in Victoria. Didn't think it would be such an emotional experience for me. I must be getting too old, lol. I'll lurk around here annoy people still. I've gotten used to the place.

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I have one of these on order, the GTS. ...
Good choice - the Supra is on my list of possible replacements. I know someone who pedals one and they are very quick in skilled hands.

I hope you do stick around on this forum - I really appreciate your experience and helpful advice!

I posted your ad to another forum with many Euro snobs and they scoffed at the A$60k ask.... so I hope you did get something very close to that so I can throw that back at them. I have mine insured for $50k with 55Mm odo so yours at A$60k was correct.
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