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Sad day

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Said goodbye to my RS today. New owner drove it away. Two RS's and 7 years of ownership, learnings and enjoyment. This one had only done 6200klms and had never been driven in the rain, ever. My wife and I enjoyed Sunny day drives around the winery regions in it here in Victoria. Didn't think it would be such an emotional experience for me. I must be getting too old, lol. I'll lurk around here annoy people still. I've gotten used to the place.

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I always enjoyed your clever comments and sharp wit. Even when occasionally directed my way. Good luck and God speed with future cars.

What did you get to replace your RS?
I have one of these on order, the GTS. I always had a dream to build a Cobra replica some day but that ship has sailed for various reasons mainly to do with getting older and previous injuries makes serious physical work on cars etc harder. I can still do it but I pay for it for weeks, sometimes months.
So this will be my last "fun car" I think while I can still get into something like this, lol. Something for my wife and I to enjoy together in our retirement.
Someone said to me once "do it now while you still feel like doing it" it's sage advice.

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Good choice - the Supra is on my list of possible replacements. I know someone who pedals one and they are very quick in skilled hands.

I hope you do stick around on this forum - I really appreciate your experience and helpful advice!

I posted your ad to another forum with many Euro snobs and they scoffed at the A$60k ask.... so I hope you did get something very close to that so I can throw that back at them. I have mine insured for $50k with 55Mm odo so yours at A$60k was correct.
Thanks for the kind words and putting out the word , I'll hang around. I got 54K for it and didn't haggle with the new owner over his offer. I sold it unregistered without a pink slip as I don't have a mechanic I would trust the car with to do a roadworthy. It was up for rego in a few weeks anyway and I traded a bit on the selling price for that and the convenience not having to mess around with a roadworthy. I realistically think I could have got a bit more if I'd haggled or waited longer but selling was an emotional thing. The first time the new owner heard the car run was when he picked it up and his first drive was when he drove it away. The buyer got a great deal believe me.
My second car sale in a month. The DD Kuga went on a truck to Sydney 4 weeks ago sold sight unseen to a young guy on his "L's" as his first car. I'm either the most trustworthy seller in the country or stupid. Anyway you guys get prepared for the value of RS's to skyrocket now. Thats the way it goes when I sell the price takes off, lol. Happened with my CV8-Z Monaro.
BTW I've got a bunch of brand new never used stuff for sale if anyone is interested. Access port, Mountune springs, radium dual CC kit, The good Mountune breather plate, full Mountune intake kit turbo to air cleaner.
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