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Rota SS-10 Group Buy

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Let me start by saying I'm not trying to run afoul of any forum rules. And am not a seller or retailer just another focus owner who wants to get a certain style set of wheels at a reasonable price.

Mods please provide guidance and I'll fix the post as require.

Now that that's said I contacted Rota directly and they put me in touch with a one of their authorized retailers. This retailer then went and contacted the factory and got the minimum quantity info and price for a group buy. If anyone is interested I'm trying to get at least 5 people togesther to buy sets of these Wheels. I'm not asking you to spend any money at this point I just have to see if people are interested to get this ball rolling. If your wondering why hasn't the vendor posted here most likely is because I approached him and not the other way around.

For anyone who's curious about rota as a company of the quality of their wheels I've attached a video.

Wheels will be 18 x 8.5 +40 offset in hyperblack.

The price would be around $220 ea plus shipping via PayPal goods and services.

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I love Rota, I had a set of P45r on my old Evo.

Just a suggestion, here something similar in design and an inch wider:

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