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Rota KB-R 18x9.5" +38

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We got a set of these in last week and I took a few minutes to test-fit them on our shop Focus RS. They fit over the brakes will MILES of clearance. They are +38, which is a smidge lower offset than I'd like, but at least you know you're not going to run your tire into the strut.

These KB-R will fit just the same as the 18x9.5" +38 Rota Grids I had on our car for a while (with 255/40R18). I didn't put any tires on the KB-R's, so here are a couple of photos of the same size/offset Grids on the car, with tires, for the sake of seeing what the fitment is like:

This is what the KB-R looks like in flat black:

Weight on these is 22.3 pounds a wheel.

Rota KB-R -- click me.

Click the link for more details or to order.

Mach V
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On either the KB-F or Rota Grid
Stock Suspension
Looking to run NT01 or R888R tires in 275/35/18
First off, KB-F is 18x8.5", which is very narrow for a 275. The 9.5" wide KB-R would be a better match for a 275 tire. But...

Opinion on rubbing?
A 275 at +38 WILL RUB on the fenders, no question.

Mach V
Do you guys carry the KB-F as well?
Yes, HERE.

The best I can tell is I would need a +42 offset for a 18x9.5 to work on a 275. Thoughts? Not sure if you carry any of these.
I don't think that's going to work. You're going to want something closer to +50, by my calculations. We don't have any wheels that are that wide and that high offset.

Mach V
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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