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Rev Limit Cuts Engine at 120 mph

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I was on a road trip in my RS thru desert land. I opened-it-up a few times, and each time the rev limiter cut in at 120 mph. Elevation was about 4,000 ft. I expected to be able to go faster than 120 mph!

Any thoughts?
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There was also two places in Forscan to limit the speed called Adjustable Speed Limiter and Speed Limitation, I would check to see if these are activated .

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Its not that bad, plenty of tutorials and thread how to's:

FORScan Home
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You could also take it to a dealer and see if they can check for any limiter
Pokey???? It cant be you 🤣!!!!
geez i want even paying attention to hitting the rev limiter, just thought he was cutting out at @120 lol yeah something is off like tire size in the ecu or something.. that can also be changed in Forscan
Around what PSI was the Boost Gauge showing? I noticed you havent actually answered the actual RPM you were at when the cut out happened, perhaps you werent actually at the rev limit as stated but are just speed limited for some reason in the ecu programming??? If the RPM's are actually hitting the rev limiter in 6th gear at 120 than I would think all the other gears should be hitting the rev limiter at much lower speeds than normal.
If it is happening all the time than it is not likely a 4th gear issue, if it happened once then perhaps he was in 4th and didnt realize it, anyway i would like to know what happened with wondering if something was off or changed in the ecu. The OP has been a member since 2017 so prolly not a troll but maybe just greatly misunderstood??? I mean cant we all just get along LOL?? 🤪
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