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Rev Limit Cuts Engine at 120 mph

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I was on a road trip in my RS thru desert land. I opened-it-up a few times, and each time the rev limiter cut in at 120 mph. Elevation was about 4,000 ft. I expected to be able to go faster than 120 mph!

Any thoughts?
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My guess is your key is setup as a mykey with a speed limit coded to it
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Hummm ... okay ... sounds like a possibility ... but I am clueless on "my key setup".
I've never used the mykey stuff so I'm not sure how to change it, but I would suggest trying to drive your car with the 2nd key that came with it if you haven't already.
You've been overly defensive since damn near the beginning of this thread. Had you provided more info instead of being a grumpy old ****,
we probably wouldn't have just assumed you didn't know how to drive. Now we just assume you're an asshole.

Another asshole know-it-all.
You are really a **** head without a life other than bothering people online.
Hopefully, the dealer will solve the problem. I doubt I will report back here ... way too many idiotic losers.
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How has this not already been locked?
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No don’t lock it. I want him to know he can come back to it but won’t. He’s gonna find out after acting like a sak that everyone was trying to help him. But he was not hearing what he liked. Hence why he won’t post again. Blame it on everyone being mean, even when he finds out it was exactly one of the things mentioned.
Light googling says dude is in his 70s. Likelihood low.
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