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no longer for sale

2017 Ford Focus · Hatchback · Driven 48,000 miles (will increase a bit) $35000
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Time to move, so it’s time to get rid of the RS. Anderson carbon fenders, neutron pro moto RSRX rally wing and under tray, Roush exhaust with Ventus Veloce rear valence and quad tips. Tune+ 93 tune, DSC suspension controller, NGK plugs, Mountune intercooler, carbon steering wheel, SSTuning carbon shift knob, illuminated Ford performance door sills, fifteen 52 podiums, raptor racing skid plate, LED fog lights and grill mounted driving lights. Euro center console, full Memphis audio sound system. Sides of the rally innovations front splitter. Rally innovations side splitters (still in the box) turbo smart BOV, steeda jack rails (still in the box) and turbo smart wastegate actuator still in the box

Now for the particulars I hit a deer a few months back, hence the white bumper. When I did that I ripped off the center of the splitter, put some scratches on one rim and the edge of the side splitter. Ford did all the body work.

The bad is I snapped a lug taking the wheel off when the original lug got stuck and I never ground it out to replace it yet. I flattened it oit
And used a chaser die, with the spacers on I just never got around to it. The other issue is there I tried to put the garage door opener in the visor but it doesn’t fit right or work right. I have a spare visor. AP and mount are of course there. And there’s a jag spare in the back just in case. The one picture shows under glow but that’s gone thanks to Bambi

And there’s no loan, I have the title but I just got preapproved for the loan on the next car so somebody take this off my hands before my bank check shows up. I’d rather somebody who likes these things get it than it get traded in.

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I wish you all the luck, been reading the deer incident from day one.

Your RS looks great!

Thank you for your service and all the luck. 👍
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