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Rebuild 2017 Focus RS

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Hi Everyone,

So I believe one of your fine gentle men or women f***ed around and I found out. Welp...I bought a wrecked a 2017 RS with hopes to rebuild it. It has extensive under carriage damage. I believe I can revive it.
If it belonged to one of ya fine folks here at it would be nice if you can help in someways to give me some details on the wreck.

So far it needs the following:
Crash bar
Lower radiator support
AC condensor
Oil pan - To previous owner - What did you do and why is there a hole? Hope you didn't blow a rod...
Intercooler piping
Driver side Axle boot - I'm gonna replace the whole axle altogether
ECU - To previous owner - Dude why did you take the ECU?
Hood hinges and alignment
Driver side tire

I bought most of the parts and boy these parts feel cheap. Like really cheap.....just saying.
I hope to find some engaging and supporting folks here to help me build it back up. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile enjoy the pics:

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Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Hood Car

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Wood

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Sleeve Grey Hood



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so i take it you will be returning that $700 Cobb carbon fiber intake and any other aftermarket bonus parts to the original owner if you ever find him/her? How much did you pay for the salvaged junk RS at auction? :unsure:
Depends on the country / state. This seems more common in the EU/UK. I've never heard of it happening in the US.

In any case, if the insurance company wanted to check for a tune, I am sure they'd be even more suspicious if the ECU was missing entirely. Then it goes from insurance denial to insurance fraud. I don't think stealing your ECU would be a good course of action to avoid insurance investigation...
I agree. It’s possible UK/EU policy is different on that front. If that policy existed in the US then it might even be considered insurance fraud to take the ECU
so i take it you will be returning that $700 Cobb carbon fiber intake and any other aftermarket bonus parts to the original owner if you ever find him/her? How much did you pay for the salvaged junk RS at auction? :unsure:
Ummmmmmmm NO!!!! Hell no!!! Why do you ask? I’m returning that. I bought it as is. LOL.

I paid $11K for the car. Fees and shipping cost me another $3.5K. Running total to date with parts. $17K. I’ll post everything and all details once I’m done.
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Yeah it doesn't look stripped, but like I said the ECU may have been dragging and necessary to remove. And no tools required. And then it becomes very easy to go missing.

I had my front end off recently, my ECU bracket broke after hitting a racoon and I replaced it. The ECU is in a very vulnerable spot. So hopefully I can help with any questions posted here. If not I'm sure others can.
Hey Maverick,

Any idea if this is mission critical to get the car started? If yes I’ll order an engine harness otherwise I’ll leave it alone it if it’s just powering the fog lights and some accessories.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Tread
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It's a little different looking than the plug I have 😂😂 so I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's the plug for the front bumper assembly. It shouldn't need it to start and run.
I have push my RS to the limit , only mods steeda cold air intake , and upgraded intercooler, however decided not to tune it. I've been driving my car with like this since it had 6500 miles . Now at 67k miles zero issues. The RS its definitelly an overengeniered vehicle for street use. Its not weak or cheap like the 2019 M3 /M4 / M2 competition wich can't hold extra power due to engine crank hub failure ( you can google it ) . Whattt?? An 80k bmw wich can't hold extra power? 👎👎👎
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Had a bmw, won’t buy another
Some updates:
I ended up getting a brand new engine harness cause I was just too nervous an old one mating to a brand new ECU. Plus the connector looked sus and wondered if some of the pins were missing when it was yanked out.

I didn't realize that intercooler piping is so close to the oil pan. Thermal unit transfer may not be additive and though this is the hot side, it sure cant be good being close to the oil pan. Once the car is ready I may do a before and after IAT with heat wraps on the pipe unless it's been proven to help already.

Next week:
Gonna take the car to do the dealership so that they can flash the ECU and program it to work with rest of the other control units.


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Love seeing the progress so far, bring that thing back from the dead!
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It's been a while since my last update. I am stuck guys.
Does anyone know who can program the ECU?
When persistence pays off...
It's alive....
Video of it running(sorry I can't post videos here. Apparently it's too big)
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I replaced the whole engine harness. I will double check all the connectors tomorrow. But any idea where exactly is the crankshaft sensor?
Code: PO315
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  • Installed both sides curtain airbags - They are the same as regular focus
  • installed u unfired seatbelts and seatbelt pretensioner - same as regular focus
  • Clock spring, steering wheel airbag looks good
will be sending the air module for a reset soon
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I'm not allowed to post in the parts for sale so posting here if anyone is interested in buying this brand new unpainted bumper.
$560 from ford

I'll let it go for $400



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Glad you got your ECU going.
i Got a used ecu from eBay and had a local shop programmed it for me.
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