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Quad Coat Paint?

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I've been seeing this term thrown around a little and I was curious so I looked it up.

Found a MotorAuthority article talking about it on a Lexus. The basis is that they do a base coat in silver, then a clear coat. Then they do a translucent color coat and another layer of clear. Light reflects off both layers giving depth and a metallic highlight to the color.

Would be cool to have but sounds like it would make for an expensive option.

Anyone else know anything about this dealing with the RS?
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Take a look at this article from the Ford Racing Site. All-New Ford Focus RS Headed to US

What you are interested in is mentioned -
Four striking exterior colors include Nitrous Blue, a vibrant four-coat metallic finish exclusive to RS, as well as Stealth Gray, Absolute Black and Frozen White. The car revealed in Cologne features the same special Liquid Blue color scheme first seen on the all-new Ford GT revealed last month at the North American International Auto Show.
I wonder if the blue color will be similar to the old Ford nitro blue, but with the metallic under.
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I knew I was missing something... Thanks!!

When I google ford nitro blue, this is what comes up...

Based on past RS's, I can see a variation of this color being part of the current RS Line.
Yeah, Exactly what I was thinking. It would be a pretty cool color with some metallic in it. I may still be partial to the stealth gray this time though.
Yeah I can't wait to see it in person as that will make for the deciding factor. But I'd probably be happy with anything but black. After having owned a black car many years ago, I love the way the look but I hate keeping them clean...
Especially in winter weather. lol. I love my TB, but it is so incredibly dirty right now it is sad.
Our silver ST is so easy to keep clean. It never looks dirty... Thats why I'm personally leaning towards the grey or white option (depending on the Nitrous Blue in person...).
Yeah, the wife's car is silver and it never looks very dirty.
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