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Purchased 2018 RS, got less than expected...

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Just purchased and picked up my 2018 focus RS in Saskatchewan and was kind of surprised to hear that the car did not come with the winter tires & rims, and also no car cover!

I had the impression that these items were standard for 2018 focus RS sold in Canada, are they not? These items are listed as standard on the Ford website...
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You've been ripped off. The dealer owes you the Winter Wheel and Tire Package and a Car Cover. Here's a 2018 Canadian window sticker. Note under 'Optional Equipment:

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The only option on a Canadian RS is Nitrous Blue paint.
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Thanks for the feedback! I sent Ford Canada an email regarding this, will also get in touch with the dealership too.

Will keep this threaded updated.

Sounds like your dealer needs to give you a free oil change for giving you the run around. The dealer is responsible for getting the package to your door mounted and balanced too. All 4 wheels and tires will fit in the back seat (up or down) if you want to pick them up yourself. There are door stickers and instruction sheet(s) and TPMS sensors on the pallet they come on.
The website says PSC2 for 2018

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The line below the wheels and tires says 'mini spare tire', so this may not be accurate. Also, 2017's in Canada came with Super Sports on forged rims.
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