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Problems with RS

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I have had my RS since June. I love it, but I don't love how many issues I am having with the car.

The car had creaks and rattles out of the box that is just not acceptable and which my '14 ST didn't have. The seat belt constantly rattles inside the height adjuster. Not loudly but it is right at my left ear and is like Chinese water torture.

The gauge cluster in the center of the dash rattled constantly and had to be replaced within weeks after I brought it home due to a broken bracket.

The seat bottom of the driver's seat feels like there is a piece of cardboard inside of it that slides around during hard cornering.

After two track days, the brakes squeal constantly. So much for Ford's guarantees of track performance. Oh and they faded so badly on my last session I had to limp off the track early with what felt like boiled brake fluid. That is the last time I try taking the car on the track without a brake upgrade. And yes, I replaced the stock fluid for high temp race fluid so it wasn't the fluid. I am pretty sure it was the pads.

And then came the GPS/Bluetooth failure. Driving along one day, they just quit. I followed every tip I could find including pulling the fuse. Nothing worked. The module is dead. That was 4 weeks ago and I am just getting it back today.

To top it all off, the dealer damaged the dashboard while doing the diagnostics on the GPS module, slightly tearing the outside surface of both sides of the center stack pod. VERY distressing.

So far it has not been a good start to this relationship.

Has anyone seen any of these or other problems with their new RS?
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