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Do you like polls?

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    Votes: 8 32.0%
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    Votes: 13 52.0%
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    Votes: 10 40.0%
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    Votes: 9 36.0%

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Hmmmmm...... Well being a hetero male, NO I do not like polls/poles!

However, I am definitely a fan of POLLING/POLING the ladies, any chance I can get!

I also like a few Pol's that I know both personally (grandfather) and commercially (Joanna jedrzejczyk - give her a Google if you don't know who she is) that I am a huge supporter/fan of as well!

I don't even mind answering/participating in a well thought out, yet also helpful/beneficial in knowing the results of the collected data, type of POLL!

Still, the best pole/poll to ever exist thus far, to this date. Is the all mighty, poll/pole of all poll's/pole's, the great airing of the grievances pole! The Festivus Pole! To be proudly used once a year to clear/clean the air/differences between family/friends!

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I like polls. I also like poles. Some people say I've had too many poles. I'm not sure that's a thing though. :worked_till_5am:
Which type of Poles, the ones from Poland, the ones you dance against or 'bottom poles' ?

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Wazaluski? Or Wojohowitz?

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