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Paint Run from body shop

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Was detailing the car a little bit and found this run mark in the corner of the hood at the passenger headlight and bumper.

Waiting for them to reply on how to go about fixing it.

They blended my hood when I had the drivers Fender, Door and Rocker replaced. My expensive screw

I am in no means a painter and hate it along with body work. Tried it once on my old CBR 600 when I had to replace all the farings from hitting a deer.

Any thoughts in how they go about this one? Wet sand and blend it again or do the whole hood this time. I am going to have the front bumper repainted anyways from all the rock chips then get the PPF this time


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Repaint after sanding . Applied to heavy on edge sweep. Very common for average painters to swear one more pass is legit. Paint dry film thickness or Dft should not exceed 2.5-4.0mil .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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