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no rear fog light for US market?

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If so, that is really disappointing. I was hoping the RS would be the same for all markets.
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Nah, the NHSTA has this weird idea that if you are more visible to other motorists than that's a bad thing. Any useful (and awesome) safety feature to do with lights and the NHTSA gets all butt hurt about it.
It's better for adverse weather conditions such as thick fog or heavy snowfall and is used in conjunction with running lights of the car. It just makes you more visible from a farther distance. The bit that confuses me is why it's center mounted as most of the time, rear fogs are only on the left side of the car.
a. It's a global vehicle; so perhaps it to accommodate for both left and right hand drive?
b. Aesthetics (symmetry)?
c. Both?
Hmm this is true. Nonetheless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it sneaks it's way in for the US.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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