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Hey Everyone,
Glad to finally create an account here. I’ve been a long time reader, just haven’t gotten around to joining up.

I am a 30 yr old male who works in IT and has lived in NJ his entire life, and a few years ago had been eyeing the Focus ST. After reading multiple reviews and comparos I decided I would start shopping for one. In that time the Fiesta ST began receiving amazing reviews as well and I became torn. I actually settled on leasing the FiST for just 2 years.

I figured in this time I would either want to buy the car out or purchase the faster FoST upon turning my lease in. Of course the RS news became reality and I have been an RS News addict ever since.
I was recently lucky enough to secure an allocation at a dealership in central Jersey. I now have a deposit in on a SG RS1 Forged tires with Cup2.

I will most certainly miss my FiST (molten orange) as I have never chucked anything so hard in my life, I just hope the RS gets out of production ok. All this secrecy or lack of knowledge kind of put me off my hype, but I suck at waiting for anything.

Thanks for having me!
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