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It seems that I have posted my mods here and there but not consolidated.

Need to put it in one thread. I did it on my nephew's Mazda2, might as well do it for Ao Oni:



  • Key fob sleeve
  • Ford Performance Exhaust by Borla
  • Ford Performance Recirc valve
  • Unplug FEN (Fake Engine Noise)

  • Ford Performance Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
  • WeatherTech:
    • FloorLiners (complete)
    • TrunkLiner with bumper protector
    • CarCoasters
    • TechShade Full vehicle kit
09/28/2018 Mods:

  • Solar Gard Ultra Performance Tint:
    • 60% WS
    • 40% Fronts
    • 10% Rears

  • Solar Gard Clear Shield Pro Paint Protection Film:
    • Whole front bumper (even the black center piece)
    • Headlamps
    • fog lights
    • Whole hood
    • whole front fenders
    • A pillar up to front doors
    • Whole roof
    • Painted part of wing
    • side mirrors
    • side skirts
    • door handle cups
    • door edges, including trunk edge
    • Rear bumper luggage entry
10/02/2018 Mod:
  • CoolTech Front License Frame Bracket
10/16/2018 Mod:
  • Scrape Armor Bumper Protector
10/28/2018 Mods:

  • Ford side window deflectors by Lund
  • YLCNCS Rear License Plate bracket
  • YLCNCS Gas Pedal Spacer
  • Focus RS Production Number Plaque and key chains from boerniRS:

11/11/2018 Mods:

  • Gas Pedal Spacer Redo with YLCNCS pedal spacer
  • Damond Motorsports .75" gas pedal spacer
INSTALL NOTES: Pedal Spacer Disaster

11/22/2018 Mod:
  • Automatic Hatch Lift
Made by Schaefer Metallverarbeitung Shop from Germany.

Future reference get part number 2014024: (Already google translated link)

Automatic Hatch Lift Thread:

12/02/2018 Mod:
  • NB Styling hood struts
Order Link: Ford focus MK3 Bonnet strut kit (2012-2018) by NB Styling

Best Hood Strut Thread:

12/07/2018 Mods:
  • Roush Dual Cone Air filter
  • Roush Upper Air Box Lid
  • Outerwears Water repellent pre-filter
02/17/2019 Mods:
  • Cobb Tuning Sound Suppression Chamber
  • cp-e™ xFlex™ Stage 2 Ford Focus RS Rear Motor Mount
  • Mountune Focus RS PTU Brace Upgrade
02/23/2019 Mods:
The OE size is 3" to 3.25" 45 Degree Elbow Intake Silicone Coupler Hose . The Roush Intake Tube is 3" so is the airbox, hence my choice.

Link regarding Induction elbow:

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Just a quick background of my last car, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. lost "Kuro Oni" in 12/20/2016. Here was part of the statement I gave in my Police Report:

07:10 I was driving to go to work from home to go to work. I was at the right most lane on the 52 exiting to the 805.

The traffic was stopped due to the merge. I then got hit by the Freightliner truck behind me. The rear window exploded due to the rear compressing.

We pulled to the shoulder and I asked the driver what happened, he apologized and stated he was just tired.

The Carnage:




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The body shop told me they can fix my car for around $27,000 to $29,000!

I opted for them to just buy out the car if they cannot get Kuro back from pre-accident.

The towing company also damaged the front bumper when they dropped it off to the body shop, it had an aero kit.

I was tweaked for 6 months and car polling with the Mrs. on her C-Max since 2011. LanEvos were already watered down (and discontinued) during this time as well as rare to find a new one, so I was at the point of no return.

STI were great cars but cannot see myself owning one. I got $32,000 from Kuro Oni (I bought it for $34,000 six year prior).

My requirement for my new car was:

  • 4 door
  • AWD
  • 300HP
  • Something I can work on.
Already had the RS on my sight but I was in no rush and I have been keeping an eye on the issues that was cropping up (HG). I was waiting for the dust to settle.

Once Ford announced the LE and that was it, I know that its then or never. My back up car was an AWD Stinger or an Audi RS3.

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Test drove an RS in 2016 and considered having a secondary car from Kuro since he was paid off in three years of buying him.

But did not have a need. I was able to test drive new RS is 2016, 2017, and 2018.

I did not get serious of getting my RS till July 2018. I browsed around April and there were decent numbers of MY18, by Labor day weekend of 2018 there was only one MY18 NB and 9RR in SoCal up to Vegas.

I already had a red car before as well as black and grey.

Main reason why I opted for the MY18 was the HG issue was "almost guaranteed" resolved as well as the LSD was already included. The RS2 package is also practically built in, the only option on the window sticker was the sun roof and the winter tires.
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Wow! Your accident was 3 days before I picked up my 2017 from the San Juan Capistrano dealer. Crazy...
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Two weekend prior of hitting Aug 30th 2018, I pretty much called majority of the Ford dealerships locally, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

There was one left.

Me and the family went since I need to get my daughter a car as well. WE saw the RS with a hand written sign SOLD (in bold letters).

Asked one of the sales rep and ended with the young internet sales rep.

She double checked the paperwork and did not see it was sold.

Test drove it and she handed me off to the sales manager.

Haggled with $0 down, at cost for the FP parts they have, and get the RS to below invoice..... and got $2,000 off from my duagther's car.

When I was getting my parts form the parts store the following day..... the parts dept guy admitted to me that he was the one that placed the sign and trying to hussle to get financed.

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Following day we went back to the dealership finish up some paperwork:



We also picked up my daughter's car:


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09/01/2018 First Mod:
  • Key fob sleeve

09/18/2018 First Second Mods:

Ford Performance Exhaust:



and Ford Performance Recirc Valve:


  • Unplug FEN (Fake Engine Noise):
I got my FP exhaust and FP recirc valve yesterday.

I got a bit tired of the FEN ( and I just had it for less than 2 weeks).

I followed the easy fix of unplugging, wow! Much better. I can actually the real exhaust tone as well as some engine music.

Thank you for the OP!


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Thanks! I have it scattered in the forum, might as well consolidate it.

Sometimes when I need to recall what I did and when I need to do a damn search in the forum.

This just helps me as well as might help someone else.

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Good journal. Imagine if your Grandfather did this back in the day.
Today, seems like just another day, until it’s tomorrow...then it’s to late.
Trying to think if I heard that in a song before. 🤔

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Very very nice!!
I have the same but 2017 RS2
I'll be keeping an eye out for you around SD. I probably have seen you around. Haven't managed to get out on any local runs yet.
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