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I got a 2018 Nitrous Blue from a very nice guy on this board around it sight unseen from California and had it shipped to New Jersey because I wanted it that bad, lol (never did anything like that before)!. I wanted to take some of the load off my 2003 Evo that I bought brand new in June 2003, which I love and will probably never get rid of. This car is definitely the spiritual successor to the Evo! I really can't think of another car that I like so much, and worry that I won't have too many choices to replace it with in a few years. I have had a few DCT clutch cars over the last few years and always felt diconnected from them...I realized that I have to have a manual or I just don't enjoy the car as much. On another note, if anyone has a set of factory winter wheels +/- tires they want to part with, let me know!
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