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2015 ST1 GTX2867R gen2
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Hey you all, new member from! I've realized and come to a decision with my girlfriend that long term, the car I'd see myself keeping wouldn't be my ST1, but a final edition 2018 RR RS. Throwing any more money into my ST to go beyond FBO and with a 4 port head and sleeved block wouldn't be worth it if I can't put the power down, and Race Red honors my grandpa's taste in cars as every car he built was that shade of red. Building cars though is also put on the backburner for a few years, so I thought I'd join and learn as much about the RS platform as I can in the meantime while I save to move out or buy a house (depending on the market) and get married while I have a blast driving the ST and meeting new people in this community and in the car scene overall.

That being said, my ST has treated me nothing but well, and here is my current build list as follows:
-Unknown Sound Symposer Delete (previous owner)
-Cobb Short Shifter Plate (previous owner)
-Lower Grille Delete (previous owner)
-FSWERKS Cool-flo intake box with AEM Dryflow Filter
-Garrett Intercooler
-Cobb Accessport with 87, 91, 93, and e30 maps from Edge
-Radium PCV Baffle Plate
-Radium PCV Catch Can with Generic Mount
-AWR Rear Motor Mount, Medium Durometer
-AWE Track Edition Exhaust
-Whoosh Motorsports Downpipe
-CPE Atmosphere BOV Cold Side Charge Pipe
-CPE Hot Side Charge Pipe
-FSWERKS Intake Tube
-Ebay Silicon Intake Elbow
-ATP Kit IWG Garrett GTX2867R gen2 with Junits Elbow
-VelossaTech Wing Risers
-Radiator shroud delete
-Crash Bar cover delete
-Intercooler shroud delete
-RS 18in Winter Wheels wrapped in Falken Pro G2 All Seasons
-Maxton Rear Valence
-Beeks Deep Dish Grille
-Kaiser Engineering Digital Dash

Along with some pictures of my car:

My car is a 2015 Build, 2016MY ST1 which I bought used with 59,000 miles, and it currently has 86,000 miles with the last 4,000 miles being on the Garrett GTX2867R with nary a hiccup. The car has been nothing but great, and the ST/RS Communities I've joined have been nothing short of amazing. I hope I can add to this forum the same way I've added to my local ST/RS Facebook group and, and I'm glad to be a part of this forum!

P.S. If you have any questions about FORSCAN, shoot me a message, or see the megathread I started for STs here!
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