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New from New Mexico

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Hey everyone, I know and recognize quite a bit from over on the ST forum. So I'm just putting in my intro thread here.

I'm Jeremiah, I'm a young guy. 22 years old, major car guy. I'm a master certified Navistar (International) diesel tech by day. Then worry about my stuff at night haha. I've always been a Ford guy for as long as I can remember and have followed RS vehicles since I was old enough to read about them in magazines and always wished I could get one, any one here in the US

Ford started their whole Global thing and I got excited. When I was 18 in college my 1991 Ford Explorer started having major issues and was becoming a money pit and it was perfect timing to become an early adopter of a 2011 Fiesta.

I had one in Monterey grey, drove it all through school, then to Chicago, and all over the country put a lot of miles on it in no time, also did very good paying it down in 2 years, plus when I traded in on my 2012 Focus SE the dealer gave me 10k when I only paid 14 for it out the door new so I came out good there, drove the SE then waited for a Second year ST which I jumped on.

Love the ST. Will not be getting rid of it. I have bigger and better plans for it. I'll probably be a late second year owner of an RS or maybe even 3rd year if a 3rd year is confirmed while the second year is still in production. I have learned to be patient especially with cars now. Because they're bad investments, and my ST taught me a valuable lesson.

Now I have a fiancé and a 19 month old daughter so a $40k impulse buy is out of the question, but I'll still be around jumping between this forum and the ST forum, trying to be a big contributor and hopefully learn from everyone else's experience before I get my hands on my own.

Anyway here's a couple snaps of the current Focus

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hatchback Alloy wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Ford

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Welcome aboard!

I also recognize quite a few from the ST forum, including you! Feels like home already:p

Glad you're here.
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