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Most tracks or any autocross course require either a tow hook or strap pre-installed before entering, be ready to get right through and onto the track thanks to NRG Innovations Front Tow Strap for the Ford Focus RS. Easily installed in minutes, simply pop out the insert exposing the threads attached to your frame, thread it in and your good to go! Please note that it is a reverse thread so in this case it would be righty loosey - lefty tighty. There is also a second adapter piece to help with adjustment, this way you could have it flush with the body or have it sticking out for a more aggressive look. It is important to only tow straight forward and never at any angle. The strap itself is offered in blue, black, red, and green. This tow strap is rated for 5,000 pound towing capacity, with the Focus RS coming in with a stock curb weight of just under 3,500 pounds, it is well rated for the job!

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More info about this product can be found here:

ford-focus-rs-nrg-front-tow-tow-trap.jpg ford-focus-rs-nrg-tow-strap-red.jpg
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