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by Andrei Nedelea, June 2, 2015

Ford has set the performance car bar pretty high for itself, so we expect the next Focus RS to be something special. Not only is it the first car of its type to come with a dedicated drift button, but it should also be very fast and grippy on a twisty road.

It looks planted and purposeful on the Nurburgring, that’s for sure; the exact opposite of laughable Bentley Bentayga. The driver undoubtedly had it in full grip mode, and the squealing of the tires is only the result of lateral forces, not longitudinal ones; it doesn’t lose traction once in the short video posted below courtesy of YouTuber cvdzijden.

At nine seconds into the video, you will notice how the rear ever so slightly steps out but it’s quickly brought back in line; this obviously means the RS will be just as if not more tail happy than its liftoff oversteer-prone ST brother.

New Ford Focus RS Looks Fast And Grippy On The Nurburgring

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Lift throttle oversteer is fun if you know what to expect. Not so good if you panic. I bet it's dialed in this way to help the driver induce oversteer in the drift mode. On the track mode ide expect this to be minamized
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