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Need a Contact For Replacement Parts

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So as I explained in my Introduction - I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 16' SB RS. 270 miles and 18 hours later it was being hauled away on a flatbed due to a deer encounter. i was really lucky that the impact was on the side of the left front qtr - but there was a bit of wrap-around effect that damaged the front bumper and hood as well.

The body shop here was finally able to break down the parts listing to go after but availability itself is looking scarce so far through multiple contacts. Just seems it is to new and nobody knows anything ☹

Looking for help from someone who knows someone who has some good info on parts availability so my guy can get hooked up with that guy to move things along a bit quicker -

Any help is appreciated

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is there any online site or document where you can search for RS part numbers? I need the part number for the front black plastic trim that has the RS logo on it. Looks like is a snap on piece. thanks
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