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My new Focus mk3 RS

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After my last sporty Subaru STI 9 and 10, then Renault Megane 3 RS, the bar was high in terms of driving pleasure and efficiency, I'm on the ass so much that FOCUS is addictive and enjoyable, and this noise ... sometimes similar to the SUBARU flat four but I think it is even better ... and these pops !! Cheers

After a thorough run-in up to 2000km, I did a few sessions on the Track : Bugatti LEMANS and the balance is very positive, this car is 'FUN' and efficient, rigorous chassis with the FUN side which gives a moving back !!

I put pictures :

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Race car Sports car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Race car Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Race car Sports car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Wheel

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